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RHI Designation

Published on October 7, 2019

j_hansen_2019_ep_0315_rev_crop.pngPresident’s Message:

Dear all OAHI Members, current and past,

As I am still settling into my new role with OAHI as your President, I am still coming to the realization of how great all of you are. Not only in what you do and the conviction to which you perform your inspections, but also, the great detail that you go to protect your clients in what is likely the time of their greatest need for someone honest.

On behalf of all your clients, Thank You!

I am extremely proud to be an OAHI member as well as an RHI. I am even more humbled by the trust that has been given to me to be your president by all of you.

This leads me to the true purpose of this letter; I have come to a rather uncomfortable realization that what is believed by a lot of Home inspectors, both OAHI members and not, is not the truth.

Please allow me to set the record straight on this once and for all:

In Ontario, The RHI designation is solely afforded to OAHI members and that is all.

While OAHI was going through the membership renewals this summer I had the chance to speak to some of you, which was a pleasure and thank you for taking time to speak with me!

What I found out was that there are some untruths out there regarding the Designation of “RHI”.

You see, some have been misled to believing that You can get your RHI designation with other Associations.

In Ontario it was the OAHI that was given the sole right to give the RHI designation in Ontario to our members who have demonstrated that they have achieved all the criteria set forth in OAHI’s by-laws and perform inspections in accordance with OAHI’s Standards of practice and adhere to our code of Conduct. 

This was made LAW by the Bill Pr158 in 1994. This is a provincial law period!

If you have been persuaded to believe that you can leave OAHI as a member and still have an RHI designation In Ontario, you are mistaken.

It is true that CAHPI has registered the trademark RHI, but that does not give CAHPI the right to permit use of The RHI designation in Ontario. The right to bestow the RHI designation in Ontario is exclusive to OAHI pursuant to Bill Pr-158.

If you would like a copy of Bill Pr-158, please let me know.

Until such a time happens where the government repeals P-158, this remains to be fact and LAW.

OAHI Is the largest Home Inspector Association in Canada and we are very proud of this and we will continue to make us the best, not just the largest.

I would like to close this letter by thanking all of our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work they do and seldom get a thank you, So, thank you!!

I would be remiss if I did not thank Nicole Proietti in the office as well as Erica Phillips of Fifth & Park for all of their hard work on keeping OAHI a smooth-running machine.

Thank you for reading this, I hope that I have cleared up any confusion that you may have had with the designation of RHI in Ontario.

I welcome any and all responses. Please call me if you would like to discuss anything at all.

Your thankful President:

John Hansen – RHI

PS: Please make sure to add OAHI to your safe senders list and check you junk folder for any emails from OAHI and move them to your inbox, We have been having issues with this being the case.